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Radio Station PRO is a dream suite of WordPress tools to showcase your programming and provide your audience an uninterrupted streaming experience.







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The best WordPress show schedule plugin for any type of Broadcaster!

Join thousands of broadcasters, streamers, and social audio mods using Radio Station to help audiences discover the scheduled audio content they care about.


Dynamic Visual Schedule Editing

Plan your Show Schedule with ease. Edit Show times directly on the schedule on the WordPress backend or frontend. Add new Show Shifts and Override Times. Update, duplicate or remove existing entries. A built-in conflict checker prevents overlapping shifts.

Adaptive Schedule Layouts

Choose from a selection of enhanced, responsive Show Schedule layouts that inherit your theme’s look and feel. Multiple view switching allows your audience to set their preferred view.

Continuous Streaming Audio Player

Our cutting-edge streaming player* persists to your site’s header or footer giving listeners an uninterrupted experience while navigating your website.

*We currently do not offer stream hosting or music licensing. Please consult your territory’s performing rights organizations to license content for streaming.

Responsive Show Pages

Create SEO-friendly Show page content and Host/Producer profiles complete with contact and social media icons and section tabs for dynamically populated related Posts, Episodes, Hosts, Producers, and Music Playlists.

Versatile Widgets and Shortcodes

Quickly add content to your site with highly configurable widgets. Display the current show or upcoming shows, with dynamic refresh at changeover times. Plus an extensive list of developer-friendly shortcodes for displaying all plugin content types.

Episodes and Playlists

Assign Episodes to Shows for more precise SEO and add audio recordings for archived playback. Set Episode description, topics, and guests. Create playlists and connect them to related Shows and Episodes.

Get the most popular WordPress plugin for Broadcasters worldwide!

Join professional broadcast and streaming stations around the world who use Radio Station Pro to help listeners discover the content they care about!

Thanks to the support of the developers and other members of the Radio Station Plugin community on GitHub this plugin is your one-stop for Radio Stations that have a WordPress site!

This plugin has come on leaps and bounds since it’s first conception, and so glad that it is now being actively developed after being adopted not so long ago. As more and more users discover the plugin and create our own customisations to suit our projects, the support team are listening to our discoveries and making milestones to fix/complete. The support is the best I’ve ever discovered on Wordpres. This plugin is only going to get better in time. If you run a radio station, this plugin will really help you display a dynamic schedule on your website.

We’ve been using this plugin for 4 years, and it does all the things we need for our community station, and more. The new schedule modules are so much better than before and it’s great to see the plugin developing.

Jam Packed with Feature Goodness!

Outstanding extras to build in value-added functionality to your Radio Station website to make it easier to use for your team and your audience.

Conflict Checker

Checks and notifices you you of overlapping shift times to prevent conflicts on show schedules.

Dynamic Widgets

Automatically refreshes Show widgets at Show changeover times without reloading the page.

Social Media Icons

Easily add linked social network icons to any of your Show or Profile pages.

User Role Manager

 Instantly assign plugin user roles to multiple users from a single intuitive interface.

Time Zone Switcher

Your audience can switch to their timezone and see the station schedule as local time.

Automatic Host/DJ Pages

Hosts and DJ pages with showtimes, social media icons, and related blog posts.

Language Support

Switch and display all aspects of your station schedule and shows to your preferred language.

Rest API

Developers can pull Station record data available via the WordPress REST API!