Radio Station Pro is a professional-grade WordPress plug-in for broadcasters of any type, including radio stations, Internet broadcasters, streamers, and Clubhouse moderators to create and maintain a Show schedule and associated metadata on their WordPress websites, while providing listeners with uninterrupted streaming audio playback. Our mission is to provide broadcasters of any type the tools to operate in a search-optimized and on-demand future so that audiences can discover and listen to the radio-like content they care about and share that content within their communities.

The plug-in is maintained by Netmix LLC, a software company founded by Tony Zeoli, an early digital music pioneer with over three decades of product development, digital strategy, and digital marketing experience in the media & entertainment sectors. Our Lead Developer, Tony Hayes, oversees all aspects of the development of both the free and Pro versions of Radio Station. The company operates from Asheville, NC but is 100% remote.

The free and open-source version of Radio Station from which Radio Station Pro is derived was originally developed by Nikki Blight, who led the project from 2013 to 2015, after which the plugin ceased active development due to Nikki’s career shift. In June of 2019. Nikkie transferred the open-source, free Radio Station plug-in to Tony who, with 17-years of experience contributing to the WordPress community, saw the potential of the plug-in and wanted to take it further. Along with Tony Hayes, they forked the original version of Radio Station and began to enhance and release new versions to ensure its continued future.

In July 2021, the company launched Radio Station Pro, an enhanced version of the original Radio Station, with a toolkit that helps broadcasters of any type enhance their WordPress websites to keep listeners engaged and coming back.

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