Missy Gluckmann


Missy Gluckmann is a prominent figure in the field of international education and intercultural exchange. As the founder and CEO of Melibee Global Speakers, she has dedicated her career to promoting cross-cultural understanding and global citizenship.

Gluckmann’s journey in the field began with her own transformative study abroad experiences during her college years. These experiences sparked a deep passion for intercultural learning and inspired her to create opportunities for others to engage with diverse cultures.

In 2009, Gluckmann established Melibee Global Speakers, a renowned educational consulting firm specializing in speaker engagements, workshops, and training programs. Under her leadership, Melibee has become a leading resource for educational institutions, organizations, and individuals seeking expertise in intercultural communication, diversity, inclusion, and global education.

As a sought-after speaker and trainer herself, Gluckmann has traveled extensively, delivering keynote addresses and facilitating workshops at conferences, universities, and organizations around the world. Her dynamic and engaging presentations have enlightened audiences on topics such as cultural competence, social justice, and global citizenship.

Gluckmann’s commitment to promoting inclusivity and social justice extends beyond her professional endeavors. She actively serves on advisory boards and committees of various organizations dedicated to advancing intercultural understanding and addressing global challenges. Her expertise and insights have been recognized by industry peers, and she has been invited to contribute to numerous publications and media outlets as an expert in the field.

Throughout her career, Gluckmann has championed the importance of embracing diversity, fostering empathy, and building bridges across cultures. Her work has had a significant impact on individuals and institutions seeking to navigate the complexities of our interconnected world.

As a visionary leader, speaker, and advocate, Missy Gluckmann continues to inspire and empower others to become global citizens and agents of positive change. Her dedication to promoting intercultural understanding serves as a guiding light in a world that increasingly values diversity and cross-cultural competence.