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Pro Feature Documentation is included where relevant within the existing Free version documentation, marked with [Pro].

But in order to find the Pro feature documentation more easily, an index is provided here linking to each of those sections.

Note that additional Pro Documentation will be added in the relevant section as new Features are released into the Pro version.

If you are interested in testing cutting edge features in development for this next release, read about Installing the Development Version and Pro Beta Version Testing.

Radio Station Plus

Note that the following features are not available in Radio Station Plus:

  • Persistent Stream Player Bar
  • Visual Schedule Editor Interface
  • Episodes and Segments (and related data/features)
  • Page Builder Modules (for Elementor and Beaver Builder)


Episodes Data Endpoint

Hosts Data Endpoint

Producers Data Endpoint


Show Episodes

Host and Producer Profiles


Profile Images

Genre Images and Colors


Pro Filters List


Visual Shift Editor


Pro Options (throughout options list)


Role Editor Interface


Schedule Grid View

Schedule Calendar View

Multiple View Switching

Timezone Switching

Hosts Archive Shortcode

Producers Archive Shortcode

Team Archive Shortcode

Show Episodes Archive Shortcode


Sitewide Bar Player

Timezone Switcher

Extra Block Options

Elementor Widgets

Beaver Builder Modules

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