When we launched Radio Station PRO in partnership with Freemius, it was a pretty steep learning curve. Freemius is a service that helps us distribute Radio Station PRO to our customers. It manages subscriptions, coupons, affiliates, and includes the Account dashboard inside the PRO plugin, through which you can see what version you’re running of Radio Station PRO and other details. When we launch new versions, Freemius notified you to take the update through your WordPress plugins dashboard and its integrated Account panel within Radio Station PRO displays some important account information.

In the code integration with Radio Station PRO, we inadvertently left out the name of an important function that would show you these details and notify you of future upgrades in the Freemius Account panel inside Radio Station PRO.

Last week, we noticed after an update to, we couldn’t update the plugin in WordPress because it wasn’t showing an update available through the Freemius integration. We contacted Freemius and they uncovered the issue, but let us know that once we fixed it, our customers would need to upgrade manually this one time, and then all future updates would display correctly in the Plugins dashboard and version number in the Account dashboard.

That being said, we just release Radio Station PRO, which will require this one-time manual upgrade.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Access your account by logging into your customer portal at Freemius.com. Login to the Customer section and not the Developers section with the user name and password you used when you purchased Radio Station PRO.
  2. Navigate to “Downloads”
  3. Download the latest Radio Station PRO .zip file to your desktop
  4. Freemius will display a pop-up with your license key. Copy the key as you’ll need this when you install the new version on your WordPress site.
  5. Login to your WordPress site and navigate to your Plugins dashboard
  6. Deactivate and delete Radio Station PRO only. Do not delete Radio Station (Free version), as that is not necessary and you need Free for PRO to function as an add-on.
  7. Upload the .zip file you saved to your desktop and then click “install” and subsequently click “activate” to enable the plugin.
  8. Enter the license code you copied to reactivate your license.
  9. Once the plugin is active, navigate to Radio Station > Account and you can then view the version number. This should resolve the issue of not getting your automated upgrade notifications.

In this update, we have also added the following:

  • If your stream supports Shoutcast (1 or 2) or Icecast metadata, the Player Bar will display the currently playing song. (Or it can get that if there is a Current Playlist too, but that requires the DJ to be updating what has been played in real-time.)
  • The Current Show name and avatar will display, as well. There are added settings to turn on the Now Playing and Current Show displays.

Here’s the plain text from the ReadMe.txt file for this version and the last update you missed:

= =
* Update: Teleporter 0.9.9 (ignore WP-Admin links)
* Added: Now Playing stream metadata in Player Bar
* Added: Current Show display in Player Bar
* Added: filter plugin settings page title, version, and icon
* Fixed: Freemius account panel-loading function typo
* Fixed: Player Bar station title display setting switch

= =
* Fixed: Player display state with page transitions
* Fixed: Pro-only activation edge case errors