When we first took over the freely available, open-source version of Radio Station from its original developer, we could see in the Advanced tab of the WordPress plugin page that we had about 1,000 active installs. One of those active users was HCR104FM, a community broadcaster covering Huntingdon, England, a small town located in south-central England.

HCR014FM Schedule Page

As we began to release new versions of Radio Station, HCR104FM’s webmaster, Alex Stevens, reached out to learn more about our plans for the plugin and subsequently provided invaluable feedback to us on what features were needed as well as bugs he’d encountered. Having just started on the journey to bring Radio Station back to life, connecting with Alex early has helped us tremendously. In fact, it’s helped us so much, we asked Alex to join our informal Board of Advisors and since he’s come on board to advise us, he’s contributed a great deal to our success with the free version and also to Radio Station PRO.

Alex gives back to community radio as the volunteer webmaster to HCR104FM, whose show schedule is powered by Radio Station PRO. While he contributes time to the station, his primary role is with Global, a major UK media company where he recently transitioned into a new role as Group Head of Podcasts. We recently interviewed Alex to get his views on the power of community radio and what drives audience engagement for HCR104FM, as well a larger discussion around revenue models for radio and insights into the UK radio market.

Watch Radio Station’s Manager Partner, Tony Zeoli, interview Alex Stevens. We’d love to know what you think, so please leave a comment below.

Alex Stevens, Webmaster, Huntingdon Community Radio (HRC104FM)