Radio Station PRO Station / Listener Time Clock and Time Zone Switcher Tutorial
Video tutorial: Radio Clock and Time Zone Switcher

A really cool feature of Radio Station PRO is the Radio Clock and User Clock with Time Zone Switcher. When a station listener views the Show Schedule, above the schedule the plugin prints both the station time in the station’s time zone and the listener’s times in their time zone. If the time zones differ, then the listener will see a time in brackets on the master schedule, regardless of the layout chosen by the station’s webmaster. If the station and listener time zones are the same, they will only see the station’s showtime.

Should the listener be traveling or need to change the time zone to view the schedule in a time zone that differs from the station’s, they can click on the “Change Timezone” link and use the drop-down selectors provided to change the time zone. Or, they can clear a time zone they may have previously set.

The station webmaster can set the local time of the station in their WordPress Dashboard by navigating to Radio Station > Settings > General and clicking “clear” to revert back to the default time being sent by their machine.

A widget with both the Radio Clock and the Time Zone Switcher is available for your sidebar.

On our demo site, you can use the feature to see how it works or sign up for a 7-day free trial with no obligation if you cancel to try this and other great features of Radio Station PRO.