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netmix® launches Radio Station PRO, a powerful “freemium” WordPress plugin for broadcasters and streamers to power their show schedule and stream live uninterrupted.

Radio Station PRO gives stations access to affordable tools to publish content to strengthen audience engagement and enhance both text and voice-activated search engine optimization.

October 21, 2021 – Asheville, NC: netmix®, developers of Radio Station, an open-source WordPress plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/radio-station) enabling broadcasters of any type to create and manage an on-air show schedule and associated content, announce the recent launch of Radio Station PRO (https://radiostation.pro), a powerful toolkit with enhanced features including a front-end “visual schedule editor” for easier editing of showtimes. An advanced “sticky” audio player bar, which persists in the site’s header or footer, and a user time-zone switcher, so the user can view the show schedule in their local time.

Stations can select and display their schedule from a variety of layouts while producers and editors can now break down shows per Episode, so listeners can find and listen to on-demand streams of the episodic content they’re looking for. Dynamic widgets display show changeovers and other relevant content, which update on the screen without a page refresh. Hosts and Producers now get their own profile pages, which link to the shows they are assigned to.

Subscribing stations are included in the netmix® Radio Station Directory (https://netmix.com), which dynamically pulls a station’s schedule into its directory listing. A listing in the netmix® Radio Station Directory provides a high-quality backlink for enhanced SEO.

netmix® CEO, Tony Zeoli, believes Radio Station PRO, which can be translated using WordPress’ translation engine into any language, will empower any station without centralized web development resources and limited budgets access to professional-grade tools to remain competitive in a fast-paced digital world while attracting audiences to explore and navigate Shows, Episodes, and related content while live streaming audio from their websites.

Zeoli, who is considered a pioneer in streaming audio on the internet, said, “When I stumbled upon the free version of Radio Station installed on the website of a local LPFM here in Asheville, NC I was advising on a website redesign, I immediately knew the future of audio broadcasting was in WordPress. It was clear Radio Station had game-changing potential to transform a station’s WordPress website and give broadcasters and webcasters a fighting chance to compete with larger radio networks in their local markets or beyond. With global streaming playing a major role in broadcasting, many stations lack the resources or funding to build out these tools into their websites. Radio Station PRO is the bridge to affordable tools for broadcasters and webcasters to help their listeners engage with and return to their websites.”

netmix® lead developer, Tony Hayes adds, “When I saw Tony’s (Zeoli) post on a WordPress jobs board popular with developers in the community. I’d worked with Radio Station and was intrigued. I looked into the plugin’s status and saw it was sorely outdated. I reached out to Tony to learn what his plans were. Like Tony, I’m also a DJ and have a passion for radio. I believed it was important to give back to the radio community by stabilizing the plugin. We got into adding new features and it became clear as downloads of free started to skyrocket, there was room for a PRO version in the market. Many stations have already selected a WordPress theme and only need the plugin functionality of scheduling and content creation tools in Radio Station to round out their station websites.”

Alex Stevens, Global Partnership Manager at Global, one of the UK’s largest media companies also contributes his time to Huntingdon Community Radio – HCR104FM ( https://www.hcrfm.co.uk), a community radio station operating from studios in Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire, England. The station has adopted the PRO version of Radio Station for Show scheduling and is working on implementing additional features like the persistent live stream audio player bar.

Stevens says, “After being an active user of Radio Station for the past year, I am excited to enhance our user experience on our site further with PRO. One of the most demanded features from our listeners and staff is that we provide a continuous audio stream on our site whilst they browse our content. A pop-up player is already available, but I’m looking forward to setting up the new bottom bar player on our site that PRO enables for us.  Also, dynamic reloading of widgets will be very much welcomed by our listeners.”

Stations can purchase Radio Station PRO from the company’s website at https://radiostation.pro. netmix® offers broadcasters and webcasters the ability to audition the plugin with a 7 Day free trial. If a station purchases the plugin after the trial and is still not satisfied, there is a 30 Day money-back guarantee – no questions asked

netmix® plans to release future updates of Radio Station and Radio Station PRO with additional features to access and enhance both text and voice-activated search engine optimization.. Future add-ons will sync with open-source radio station automation systems like Azuracast and LibreTime to start with more to follow.

About netmix®
First launched in December of 1995, netmix.com was the world’s first DJ mixshow website to air the world’s most influential global superstar DJs “in the mix.” Considered the “innovation and advancement of dance music online” by Billboard Magazine’s former Dance Trax columnist, Larry Flick, the company was returned to Tony Zeoli in October of 2000 when its parent company failed in the ashes of dotcom 1.0. In 2020, Zeoli re-established Netmix LLC as the parent company of Radio Station and relaunched the netmix.com website as a Radio Station directory to showcase station’s using the company’s products.

About Radio Station by netmix®
Radio Station is a dream suite of WordPress tools to power a show schedule, build content around episodes and hosts and help audiences search for and discover the scheduled audio content they care about.

About Tony Zeoli, CEO, netmix®
For now four decades, Tony has been innovating on the World Wide Web. First, as CEO of netmix®, an early streaming audio company that brought the DJ mix to the Internet. He also worked for Cablevision Systems Corporation in New York City for its Rainbow Media Holdings property, Metro TV, where he contributed to advancements in an on-demand music video service for interactive television application and developed an early social network connecting the five boroughs of New York City. As VP of Music at Entertainment Media Works property, StartStyle.com, Tony and his team created the first successful application to help music fans buy what they see in music videos. As a digital strategist, he contributed to brand work for two New York City agencies and went on to found Digital Strategy Works, a WordPress web design and development consulting company. Tony inherited Radio Station from its former developer in 2019 and has since led its transition into Radio Station PRO. Tony is also a veteran house music DJ and is the Executive Producer of the Asheville House Music Society mix show streaming over Twitch and Mixcloud.

About Tony Hayes, Lead Developer, netmix®
Tony Hayes is an innovative WordPress developer, with a background in custom website design, creator of numerous WordQuest plugins, WP Medic tools, and the BioShip theme framework. \As Lead Developer of the Radio Station plugin, he brings this wide scope of knowledge and experience with WordPress to the world of radio scheduling and streaming.

About WordPress®
WordPress started in 2003 when Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg created a fork of b2/cafelog. The need for an elegant, well-architected personal publishing system was clear even then. Today, WordPress is built on PHP and MySQL, and licensed under the GPLv2. It is also the platform of choice for over 42% of all sites across the web. The WordPress open source project has evolved in progressive ways over time — supported by skilled, enthusiastic developers, designers, scientists, bloggers, and more. WordPress provides the opportunity for anyone to create and share, from handcrafted personal anecdotes to world-changing movements. People with limited tech experience can use it “out of the box”, and more tech-savvy folks can customize it in remarkable ways.

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