It’s September already! Summer vacations are over (at least in my timezone)! If this is the time of year you plan your next quarter of programming into your station’s automation system and on your WordPress website, we have some news about Radio Station PRO by netmix® regarding our new 7 Day FREE TRIAL and 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (no questions asked!) policies to help make it far easier for you to give your audience:

  • the ability to set the schedule layout they prefer
  • control to view showtimes in their time zone
  • The ability to set the schedule layout
  • more detail about each Episode of a Show
  • more detail about Hosts and Producer, now with their on pages
  • more social media accounts to follow

And, give your show producers the tools to:

  • add shows with our Visual Schedule Editor that eases the friction of switching back and forth from he front end schedule to the Show page edit view just to make a simple change, which saves so much time!
  • manage conflicts between shows, add schedule overrides, and set shows as encore presentations (aka “repeats”_
  • be instantly added as a “featured” station in the Netmix Radio Station Directory
  • manage team roles

No Theme Lock-in!

Best of all, with Radio Station PRO by netmix®, there is NO THEME LOCK-IN! You can use our plugin with any theme or page builder you want and never have to worry about changing themes and migrating data. Unlike SEO plugins, there are no migration plugins to transfer your station data from one theme to another or a theme to a plugin.

Once you’re in a theme with plug-in functionality, you’re kind of stuck. You don’t want to be locked into a theme forever and migrating your entire schedule and all of your show content can be a costly, time-intensive endeavor.

We’re super excited to announce you can now try Radio Station PRO by netmix® before you buy with our new 7 DAY FREE TRIAL on both monthly and yearly plans! Just go to our Pricing Page and click the “Start Your Free Trial.” button on either the monthly or the yearly plan.

Check this out, it gets even better…

Not only do you get 7 days to work out whether Radio Station works for your station, we’re also adding the extra option of a 30-Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (no questions asked!).

That’s right…you get 7 whole days to try out Radio Station PRO by netmix® and an extra 30 days to ask for a refund, no questions asked!.Cancel your trial within the 7-day trial period and there’s absolutely no obligation.Ask for a refund within 30-days and we’ll gladly refund your money, no questions asked!Sure, if you tell us why you want a refund we’ll happily note that information to make our product better, but we want to make your experience with our product and support frictionless. Keeping you very happy makes us very, very happy! 

Why do I need the 7-Day Free Trial if I can just check out your demo site?

If you’ve scoped out our demo site, which now has a new URL: https://demo.radiostation.pro, you’ll notice that while you can view the schedule and various layouts, you can’t play around with the Visual Schedule Editor or Conflict Catcher, because we simply don’t have one of those slick demo sites that allows you to log in and play around with the plugin before you buy it.

Plus, you always want to play around with a plugin when it’s installed on your server, not ours. That way, you can check if there are any conflicts with other plugins or see how it reacts in your theme. Those demo sites with passwords are great until you discover that something might not work correctly on your own site.

Our 7 Day Free Trial will give you the chance to see what works and fix what doesn’t.

How do I activate the 7 Day Free Trial?

It’s as easy as visiting our pricing page and clicking the “Start Free Trial” button. That’s it. Once installed, you’ll have an account through Freemius, our distribution partner. In your Account section inside the Radio Station PRO by netmix® plugin, you can cancel your trial at any time with absolutely no obligation.

What if I cancel the trial within 7 Days?

If you cancel your trial, you will lose the ability to get feature updates (we’re adding some really cool stuff this year!) or priority support (we can’t help you with a coding recommendation to solve a layout or styling problem or help you configure certain aspects of the plugin). There are new features being added to Radio Station by netmix® all the time, so don’t miss out by canceling your trial early!

How do I ask for a full refund within the 30 day, Money Back Guarantee (no questions asked!) period?

Once your trial is over and you’re billed for your first monthly or yearly payment, you’ll have 30-days to cancel your account in the plugin Account dashboard or request your refund by contacting support, either through the Support tab in the Radio Station PRO by netmix® plugin dashboard or by contacting us through our Help Scout support channel on the Radio Station PRO by netmix® website.

I still have questions. How can I ask?

You can always ask us about our 7 Day Trial and 30 Day Money Back Gurantee (no questions asked!) policy by sending us a message. We’re happy to answer your questions and get you started with Radio Station PRO by netmix®.